Thoughts from Jordy babe

Q: What have you loved about Manifestation Monthly?

Can i say everything?! Not only are the masterclasses incredible, but i absolutely love the fact that there's a daily meditation that is all about enhancing what we are doing for that month! Kimberley has changed my life in sooo many ways and i'm so thankful i get to continue to work with her and like minded babes!

Kimberley has changed my entire life in so many ways! I've fallen in love with her practices and every time i hear her high vibe voice i can't help but feel they same! After i do my daily practice i feel like anything is possible! I've manifested new friends, a healthier relationship with my partner and my online business is booming!


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Victoria’s high vibe thoughts

If you are high vibe then THIS is your tribe! Manifestation Monthly has been my BEST investment this year!! From the moment I joined I was blown away by the personal touches that Kimberley gives to her manifestation girls - the personalised voice note when I joined was so cute and I instantly felt part of such an amazing, high vibe group. My friends aren't really into the "woo" (they're probably a -1 on the woo-scale!) so joining this group meant I could share all my manifestations with a group of like minded people which was super important for me. I've made friends and I love hearing all their incredible manifestation stories.

Kimberley puts 110% effort into supporting everyone in the group and her positive energy is so contagious! If you are looking to increase your manifestation powers, learn all about crystals, scripting, removing limiting beliefs and so much more then you need to join!

On my first day I wrote on Kimberley's beautiful cheques to the universe that I wanted to manifest £4,000... I followed all her advice and did my best to sit in the belief that the universe had my back (but I'd never manifested ANYTHING like this before...) 1 day before the date on the cheque TOTALLY out of the blue I received £3900 from a savings account I didn't realise and had!!! TALK ABOUT THE UNIVERSE HAVING MY BACK!! and then, to top it off a client called to say she wanted to pay me £100 for some coaching work I had done for her (that I had done for free at the time as a gift) And there it was, EXACTLY the £4,000 I had put on the cheque. Manifestation works! I would totally recommend this group to anyone interested in manifestation and I want to say a HUGE thank you to Kimberley, her warm, friendly positive energy is just incredible!


Since we are in the first few months of Manifestation Monthly, these are how girls found Kimberley's past Monthly Masterclasses!


Kimberley is one of the most authentic people I ever met. Working with her has been such a pleasure & cannot wait to do more! 

By attending only one masterclass, I could overcome huge blocks & milestones. In just 24 HOURS, I did more than what I used to do in days or maybe weeks! Opportunities are revealing themselves to me even more clearly, and taking action has never been easier (& fun). If your goal is to manifest the life of your dreams, you are at the right place! Kimberely is very helpful & delivers a lot of value! 

Thank you so much Kimberley, cannot wait for another workshop with you! Xx 

- Abbey Graham


Kimberley’s Clear Your Blocks Masterclass was exactly what I needed to start creating the life I had only dreamed of. 

The very next day after the class, I started working on my business plan and in that very same week, EVERYTHING started falling into place to make it happen. 

People started coming into my life who were helping me move forward, I started getting pre-orders for my product before I even had a waitlist set up, and friends started telling their friends about what I was working on, creating more buzz and excitement around my business. 

I had spent the past FOUR YEARS banging my head against a wall trying to start my business and after Kimberley’s Masterclass, in just ONE WEEK, my business not only started coming together, but I even started getting pre-orders! 

- Vanessa Phelps


If you’re feeling stuck in your life and/or business, take this masterclass! You need this if you want to move forward on your path to success, trust me." 

I signed up for the ‘Clear Your Blocks to Manifest Your Desires’ Masterclass because I wanted to go deeper in my self development journey and get to the root of what was holding me back from success in life and in my business. Signing on to the call and seeing all the lovely girls who joined live was such a treat, and Kimberley was amazing! She led us through a guided meditation and visualization that helped me release my blocks and finally get to the bottom of my limiting beliefs. She was so interactive with all of us and it felt like I was sitting right across from her as she dug deep to get to the root of what was holding me back. She’s so caring and you feel that in all of her work, but especially in her masterclasses as she takes the time to talk to you on a personal level and help you up-level your life. I feel so clear and confident now that I’ve released one of my biggest blocks, I feel so much lighter, it was such a great experience and I’d definitely recommend it for anyone looking to up-level their life and be a part of such an empowering masterclass of women.

Thank you so much again for the masterclass, it was such a great atmosphere! I’m so happy to feel so much lighter now, this was truly a gift and I’m so thankful for your work and your blog!