Manifestation Monthly is the go-to membership site for modern girls manifesting their strategic future by design. 


Created by Kimberley Wenya, manifestation & spiritual mindset coach and host of The Kimberley Wenya Podcast. Each month involves beautiful, chic designed masterclasses, meditations, workbooks and group challenges to get you manifesting your desires, the modern girl way.


Manifestation Monthly is a beautiful community. It’s a resource, it’s an investment in yourself to move yourself forward and magnetise those dreams and goals to you.


We’re all about attracting, not chasing.

Embodying the best versions of ourselves and living our best, abundant life.


Manifestation Monthly is for the girl who is ready to up-level. The girl who is ready to step up and unapologetically attract her desires into her life.


Manifestation Monthly is not for the girl who’s happy to settle. It’s not for the girl who has small dreams. It’s for the girl who’s got big dreams, an unstoppable passion to manifest them into reality. 

Are you ready to manifest your dreams?


Who is Kimberley?


Hi babe, I'm Kimberley! I'm a manifestation + spiritual mindset coach (I've already written that above) but to add more, I'm your girlfriend, your coach, your mentor to get you manifesting your dreams and goals. Over the last year, I have created a life beyond I've dreamed of with abundance that flows to me constantly, and over 70% of my vision board manifested.

In the past year I have manifested:

✨ The perfect apartment I desired to live in, in my dream suburb, the best price + the EXACT aesthetic i wanted!

✨ My dream mentor for 2019 (Lauryn Evarts Bosstick from The Skinny Confidential)

✨ $13k in 6 weeks + an abundance mindset that allows this to go up up up!

✨ Being able to take my family out for dinner and let them order whatever they'd like! (Dessert inc.)

✨Beautiful relationships with girls who UPLIFT me and a high vibe tribe surrounding me

✨ The best relationships yet with my family + loved ones

✨ A one way ticket to Athens, GREECE to travel Europe in 2019

And SO, much more.

Each month in manifestation monthly, I create new masterclasses and beautiful materials to get you creating the life you've always wanted. I share my latest secrets, the true methods that work.

I spill all.

I created this membership site because when I started my manifestation journey, I wanted a community where I could share my manifestations, support others and in return be supported. I felt so isolated and alone on my journey and wanted to know whether I was on the right track for things. At times, I wanted to give up. At times, I wanted to numb out. Everything I was consuming or reading was dated, from as old as 100 years old! I wanted things to come in a chic way, in a language I spoke in and understood.

Let's be honest.

We've all tried reading Think and Grow Rich and struggled to get past page 11. Maybe the language isn't your jam. Maybe the examples put you off.

THIS is why I've created this space. So you can have the high vibe support, the people to tell you whether you're on track, the right tools and materials delivered in a modern design. Let's get you creating manifestations you desire, monthly.